Treatments for Autism: Raising Awareness About Children With Autism on the Oprah Show

On a recent Oprah Winfrey show, Jenny McCarthy discussed her new book called Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, her relationship with Jim Carrey, and her autistic son, Evan.

Autism is like a wall around your child. He’s in there somewhere, lost inside his body. Jenny McCarthy was encouraged to “reach in and pull her son out of the window” in order to reconnect with him.

Rates of autism in boys vs. girls

1 in 94 boys are affected with autism. Autism disproportionately affects boys; doctors aren’t sure why.

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Increasing autism awareness

What causes autism? McCarthy said she vaccinated her son and “something happened.” She connects that vaccination with the beginnings of her son’s autism. McCarthy believes vaccinations are helpful, but need to be regulated and monitored. She stressed that the current “one size fits all” belief about vaccinations needs to be changed, or more children will develop autism.

On the show, Oprah Winfrey read a letter from the Centre for Disease Control. They stated they don’t know what causes autism, but are conducting research to learn more about its causes and treatments.

How autism affects marriages

The divorce rates of couples who have autistic children is as high as 80%. McCarthy says she felt very alone in her marriage; her husband stayed away from the hospital and withdrew from her and her son. McCarthy and her husband divorced after her son was diagnoses with autism, and she felt insecure about being loved again by a man.

Jenny McCarthy met Jim Carrey, and is happy in her relationship with him. She describes him as the “funny cute guy.”

Autism recovery

McCarthy describes Evan as “in recovery.” He’s not totally cured though doctors do classify him as such.

What worked for Jenny’s autistic son

  • Video modeling to teach Evan how to throw a ball
  • Play therapy
  • Playing together

Natural autism treatments

  • Wheat-free, dairy free diet
  • Avoid artificial flavorings
  • Cleansing the yeast or candida from the body

Jenny McCarthy’s advice for children with autism

Trust your instincts; consider what makes sense to you and your child, and try it. Don’t feel guilty. Take hope from her story, and from the idea that there are cures for autism. The treatments that McCarthy suggest in her Louder Than Words may not work for all children with autism.

Parents of children with autism may be offended or angered by Oprah’s show and McCarthy’s claims that autism can be cured. To learn more about McCarthy’s experience, children with autism, and treatments for autism, visit Oprah’s website.