Adelie Penguin Facts

What You Have to Know about Adelie Penguin Facts

Adelie Penguin Facts are too much to explain. Adelie penguin  lives in Antarctic continent, and few of them live in coastal islands. They spend winter in the lake near Antarctic ice. Adelies eat small water organism like gravel, but they also eat fish and squid. They have been known for their great dive talent because they can dive for5 feet or around 175 meters to find the source of it although they usually hunt their food in the shallow waters at half of that depth.

Adelie penguin is The Best Swimmer

Like other penguins, Adelie is the slim and efficient swimmer. They might be doing the journey for 185 miles go and back for about 300 kilometers to get the food. In the marriage season, in around October, they go to the Antarctic beach where it is full of stone and they live in the big colony. One colony can be a thousand of penguins.

After they get in the land, Adelies will build their nest and their line with small stones. Although they are moving like swing to the right and left, they are the good walker because they can close the long land distance. In the early autumn, before the ice takes its rest, they have to walk around 31 miles, or it is about 50 kilometer from their land nest to get the open water. The male Adelie Penguins will help their partner in the back of them. If you want to examine their gender, male and female are difficult to determine. They switch with each other to sit on the eggs to make the eggs keep warm and safe from a predator.

Regeneration of Adelie Penguins

If the food is only enough for the short moment, just one of Adelie Penguins can still live. Next, around three weeks, the parents can leave their babies although the babies still should in the colony for their save. Young penguins are starting to swim by their selves in around nine weeks.  Therefore, how about the habitat of Adelie Penguins?

Adelie Penguins can be found in all areas of Antarctic including Ross Island. About 5 million Adelie Penguins can be found in Ross area and live in the large colonies with 38 distinct has been identified by researchers. Adelie Penguins are the most popular types of penguins that most people aware about. This kind of penguins is social with very mellow in nature. They always look together with each other most of their time and they have very powerful feet. The feet can help them to get around on the ice and it leaps from the water to land. Therefore, they cannot get slipping or sliding. They also have a grip that allows them to survive in the cold weather. Conservation is also done over the past several decades. More than 65% of them have been lost over the span of time. They live on the sea ice and this is the big problem. It is because of their natural environment is being erupted by people and because of global warming. Their population is aware because it decreases the time. It is because of they have a lack of foods.